Week forty two - What is a 'Patreon'? - Special announcement

Hello hello hello!

SO GUYS! I have some news. I have started myself a Patreon account. For those who don't know what a Patreon account is let me explain!

A Patreon account is kind of like a Kickstarter, where you donate money to an artist or group working on a one off project (for example funding the publication of a comic book or to produce a podcast or board-game), and receive a reward (how rad the reward will depend on how many dollars you donate). 

Patron has this same donation // reward system except instead of a one off payment you make a monthly payment, kind of like a subscription, and you get a monthly reward! Of course you can unsubscribe at anytime and you can just do a one off payment (then unsubscribe the next month) if you want to help me out but can't commit to a monthly deal. 

I want to keep working on my book about growing up with a brother with autism (and also to keep drawing silly little autobio comics). If you’ve been enjoying these blog posts and can spare even $1 a month and help me out by donating (and get yourself some sweet rewards as well as my everlasting gratitude) I would be over the moon!

If you’re keen to become a George Rex Comics Patreon Member, just follow this link to my Patreon page and then click on the orangey/red 'Become a patron' button and pick your donation level. Any and all dollars are appreciated, literally every dollar counts. 

If you can't/don't want to donate for whatever reason - I understand! I'll still be making comics and writing this blog (I don't think I'll ever be able to stop) and you’ll still be able to see them. Patron members will just be able to see them a little earlier than everyone else and will get a few extra treats (like Badges sent to them through the post or special extra short comics just for them). 

If I can get some regular Patreon support then I'll be able to focus on my art and get more of it out to you wonderful people. And for all of you wonderful people who have already read about this on my Facebook and Tiny Letter I'm sorry you've been hearing about it from so many different angles. I promise that I won't be talking about it for a while now. 

Thanks for reading, back to normal, once a week posting now. I really appreciate you guys just reading my blog, it's a pretty awesome thing to have people read your blog and take the time to respond and comment on what I write. 

You guys are great.