Week five - In which our hero draws her family

So I realised the other day that, although I make mostly autobio comics, they mostly star me. Which meeeans that I really need to learn who to draw my brother (my co-star in this GN) and my parents (the most supportive supporting cast you could hope for). So that’s what I’ve been doing. 

Family Sketches 1

I've been working from photos as well as memory. 

Sometimes the Sketches didn't turn out as well as I hoped they would. But that's a great way to learn what not to try and do next time.

Trying out variations of my style to see what would work for the book. 

Family Skecthes 2

I kept trying to put off doing these sketches (particularly weird poses and full bodies) as I find them really daunting but when I finished a sketch it was soooo satisfying. I'm glad that I'm finally getting into the swing of them. 

Family Sketches 3

I've been trying to draw more realistically at first and then use the proportions and poses and turn them more cartoon-y.

I've also been trying to start thinking about backgrounds and sense of place for all the stories I'm writing about. So below is my first attempt at doing a full photo. 

This is just an adorable photo of me and my childhood buddy Maria. I thought You'd like to see how fashionable I've always been.  xx