Week eleven - In which our hero talks about her favourite snacks

Snacks have always been v. important to me. I've always been grazing, never eating a full lunch, instead preferring to snack throughout the day. A habit that I somehow managed to get away with for most of my high school life. 

Snacks were also important in my social life. I often don't know what to say to start a conversation, constantly fearing saying something completely boring or the other person not realising I was attempting a joke. BUT, if you have a snack with you, you have something to talk about straight up. Most of my best friends have become so, over the sharing of snacks. 

So I thought I would share with you some of my favourite snacks to nom down on when I'm working in the studio. Do you have favourite snacks for when you are drawing? I'm sure you do!

1. Tea. Earl Grey. Hot. (necessary Star Trek Reference). Well, actually any nice hot cup of tea will do and I've always been more partial to jasmine green tea myself. 

This is not technically a snack, I know, but it's a great way to start the day and the perfect accompaniment for many snacks. Most notably: Ginger Nuts, Kingstons, Anzacs, Vegemite Toast. 

2. The humble carrot. This simple vegetable has been a favourite of mine from way back. I used to eat a carrot for a snack just before bed (after I'd brushed my teeth) until my dentist told me to stop eating them (after I'd brush my teeth). Then I just stuck to a glass of water.

The best is when you get a really sweet carrot. You can taste it the moment you bite into and snap off a bit of that crispy orange veggie. I'd got out of the habit of eating them but I'm back on board the carrot train.

3. The salty fiend, the pretzel. This thirst making sucker, always ready to cue a Seinfeld reference, has been in my snack tool belt from a young age. Great for drawing because it gives you the salty hit like a chip or other salty snacks but none of the sticky flavour residue on your fingers. You can switch between eating and drawing with ease and without worry. No need to brush you hands on your jeans with these snack pals by your side. 

4. The galactic Milky Way Bar. I try not to have too much chocolate/candy snacks on me (although it is tempting, that's for sure) but when I do my heart beats for no other than the fun-sized Milky Way. It's soft texture melts in your mouth like sunshine and the fun-size makes you feel slightly less guilty when you eat 10 of them.  

5. Delicious Dried Fruit & Nuts. Perfect for when you need a little boost of energy. I prefer to eat the dried apricots and almonds together, squishing the almond into the flesh of the apricot. Brazil nuts are creamy and flavour-full, needing no other help from outside foods to increase their tastiness. And dried cranberries or Craisins have a great sugar to mass ratio for when you really need to wake up in the arvo. I usually don't go anywhere without my little plastic tub of fruit 'n' nuts.

6. And number one in my snack filled heart is Popcorn. Any type, anywhere, anytime. Popcorn is queen of the snacks.

Although it can get a little messy and leave residue on your fingers (not ideal for drawing) you can easily overcome this hurdle with a shallow cereal bowl and your tongue. Licking at the popcorn one by one, enjoying each melting moment of that glorious corn treat.

Nothing beats popcorn. If you were to play rock paper scissors popcorn - popcorn would always win and it would be a terrible game. This is why it does not appear in the list of possible options. It is above petty games. It is Popcorn. 


Well, that's it for this post. I'll see you guys around real soon with more hot tips. 

Until then, may you coffers be filled with tasty treats and delicious beverages.