Week ten - He Ain't heavy, he's my brother...

So I've been thinking about the differences between me and my brother. I guess I always just assumed that we could never really be a like at all but tbh, that was very narrow minded of me. 

Rob and I are actually really pretty similar. Not in looks, Rob has gained the Hill (my mum's) side of the family cheeky, cheery face whereas I have inherited the Chadderton (my father's) pointy nose and round-ish jawline (slightly altered since the jaw surgery but you can still see the resemblance). But in likes and personality, we are two peas in a pod. A thought which was confirmed by my mother in one of our 'Rob interviews', "You and your brother are so very alike". 

To make it easier for you, dear readers, I thought I'd draw a diagram of our similarities as I see it. Of course I'm my parents could think of even more (possibly unflattering) things we have in common. 

This ties in with something I remember mum telling me when I was about 12. Rob was being really difficult one day, like really difficult, and I asked her if she wished that she'd never had Rob (something I could never ask now but as a 12 Y-O could)?

Her Answer was simple but blew my little 12 Y-O mind. "No. I just wish he didn't have Autism." 

This was the first time that I thought of Rob, my brother, and Autism, as being separate things. 

This is kinda of hard to describe as I'm still having trouble putting into words what I know about my bro. So I'll have to rain check with you when I'd had some more time to think about. But for now I hope you enjoy the diagram.