Week twenty one - Pink is the new black

Rob has always had a fascination for the colour pink. Pink food, pink material, pink cartoon characters. If it was pink, Rob probably liked it. It all started with pink foods. 

Then moved to his clothing and beloved items.

And finally overtook his entire room. 

I, in my my attempt to be everything that wasn't stereotypically girly, loved red. I don't know if this was because Rob loved everything that was pink or because of my tomboy tendencies (probably a bit of both). 

Colour for me has always been key to a good day. Even when I was a teen who couldn't dress herself to save her life, I would take my time to carefully match the colours of my socks and shoes to my shirts and shorts. I still take my time every evening to lay out my clothes for the next day and I feel unsettled if my underwear does't match either itself or the outer layers. Colours make a difference.  

And despite despising the colour pink and all its female connotations (I have since learned to embrace pink and now own at least two pink tees, although muted autumnal colours are more my thing), I still coveted the pink-coloured candy treats, strawberry being the queen of all the candy flavours. Whenever I got a strawberry treat all to myself, I treasured it. 

Did you have a favourite colour as a kid? Did it define the food you ate? Have you still got the same favourite colour? I'm currently running a three-way tie with red, green and blue. 

Stay excellent and see you lovely people next week.