Hey guys, this week, as well as my normal blog post (out every Tuesday), there's a little bonus content for your ears!

Last year in November, just after I was awarded the Colin Thiele Scholarship, just after I nervously spoke about my project to a crowd of lovely humans on the beautiful Carclew grounds and had just shook the hands of lots of rad women in arts, I ran off to the 891 ABC radio studios and was interviewed by the super Deb Tribe. Here's that interview!

And then a couple of weeks ago I did another update interview with the ever Lovely Deb Tribe (when she interviews me, I almost forget I have a huge microphone in front of my face) about working on my book and receiving the Colin Thiele Writing Scholarship. I hate listening to my voice but hopefully you don't mind it as much as I do. 

I hope you enjoyed me blathering on about comics. See you next week. xx