Week twenty eight - Let's get emotional

For the last couple of weeks I've been thumbnailing the manuscript for chapter one of Oh Brother. My goal has been to thumbnail a scene everyday, which could be as short as a page or as long as 10 pages. It's been great having a daily goal to meet and I really feel like I've been on top of the project. 

As I've been drawing panels and nutting out scenes, I realised that there are lot emotions in the book and I was struggling a little bit to figure out exactly which facial expression was the best to show what the characters were feeling. So I thought I'd make myself emotion guides for each of the main characters (me, my brother and my parents).  

These have been super handy. Even if I don't use one of the emotions I've already drawn, it can spark an idea in my mind about what expression I really want to show. 

I'm not happy with all of the faces and obvs I didn't really mix it up to much with the angles (and when I did, I didn't nail it) but it was good to draw each of the characters a few more times. I'm now feeling a little more confident with their looks and feel like I've hammered out a few more facial details that were bugging me. 

That's it for now - I need to get back to the (literal) drawing board and get going with these thumbnails if I want to reach my goal of finishing them by the end of the month.