Week thirty eight - Scout patches

Growing up with Rob was mostly fun. But at times it felt like a lot of hard work having to remember to lock all the doors all the time and making what felt like 100s of pieces of vegemite on toast. You would learn ways to tell when Rob was about to have an angry episode and know when to dodge his pinch attacks (he has the fastest hands in the west).

Learning all these skills and clocking toast-making time felt like I was part of the Scouts. I always liked the idea of Scouts: adventuring and exploring, always being prepared. I felt I was a born cargo short wearer. I particularly loved collecting things (literally anything), so the idea that you could earn cloth badges for learning skills was very appealing. But for some reason I never ended up being a Scout. I was probably too scared to meet new kids.

Anyway, thinking about all the time I spent learning to be prepared for and around Rob, and learning ways to avoid Rob's meltdowns, I realised I was a Scout. A Rob Scout. So I thought I'd design myself some badges to celebrate my preparedness. I mean, the bruises from bites and pinches are okay but they don't look as good as cloth patches sewn on a sash. 

I picked pink to be the Rob Scout colour because, as mentioned in the Pink is the New Black blog post, Rob's favourite colour is pink, so I thought it appropriate.

It's just a little blog for you today but don't worry, more will be coming soon.