Good Ripping Material

Hey guys!

Guess what? I've finished Part Two of my book! I'm pretty excited about having another 150 pages done of the draft pencils but also a bit nervous about taking on Part Three (the final part), as it will probably be the most emotionally taxing section (it's all about fears and what the future means for me and Rob). But I'll go into all that stuff in a future post. 

Part Two was all about obsessions, mostly Rob's obsessions - from food to TV and item placement to nappies. One of Rob's more frustrating obsessions for me was his ripping paper phase. He would rip pretty much anything, including my math homework. Here are a couple of non-sequential pages from Part Two featuring Rob's ripping abilities:

I've been cleaning up a few of my old school books and papers that have been living at my parents' house and the other day I found one of the original notes my mum wrote to my teacher. I can't believe that I've kept it after all these years (also I thought that the teacher would've needed it).

I'll be sharing a few different snippets of Part Two over the next few weeks, as well as a wrap-up of the differences between working on Part One and working on  Part Two. 

I'll be in Canberra for the next week, taking part in the Noted Festival Zine Fair. So If you're in Canberra for whatever reason on the 7th May, come and say hi!

Have an excellent afternoon, the next time you find yourself in an afternoon. 


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