George Rex Comics mini-documentary

Hello friends!

So I know I promised you a post about my manuscript editing process this week, but I'm still working on it and I'd like it to be the best it can be. So in the meantime I would really like to share with you a pretty rad little documentary. Some film students recently asked me to be the subject of a mini-doco and this is the result. I think the guys that made it (see credits at the end for a full list of those wonderful people) did a great job at reining in my tendency to blather when I talk about comics (I just get so darned excited). 

Anyway, I'll let you just enjoy and watch. 

That's all for this week, guys. I hope you liked the vid (I was really chuffed to be a part of it). 

Next week, I promise a post about editing. I'm really excited to share that process with you because I want to make Oh Brother the best book I can, and I think the process of nutting out the problems in my book with other humans really helps me get towards that great book.

Have a sweet rest of the week. May your skies be mildly cloudy so you have interesting things to look at above you.


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